About Us

About Us

Company: Started in 1997, with the modest beginning of Prime Packaging, supplied finished wrapper to local bread indusitries. This untining efforts put in by honourable Mr. Harikiran Singh and his team has made the company what it is today. As of now, finished plastic wrapper are supplied to leading bread and food industries, hosiery, readymade graments, autoparts induestries, and so on. Taking baby steps with a starting capacity of only 2500 M.T. tons/annum. The company has grown up to 4000 M.T. finished Wrapper and is now leaping to achieve bigger goals.photo.JPG

Human Resources: A consistent process is mandatory to follow our customer requirements attentively. All company elements are involved in this process, especially human resources, which influences and ensure the success of our company.

We highly value our employees and their professional growth. We believe and work in and as a team. Open discussions are held as it makes decision-making simple and fast.


In the last few years awareness to quality product & packaging has been remarkably increased in the market. Therefore, the requirement of Sharp and Crisp Printing has arisen. To meet the expections of customers, we have printing machine equipped with state of the art technology. Other machines like.......



High speed automatic rotogravure printing machines with all attachments

Fully automatic machine having option top print up to 8 colors. It has max. printing width of 1000mm.- printing size 16" to 40"

Fully automatic machine having option top print up to 8 colors. It has max. printing width of 510mm.-printing size 5.5" to 20"


High speed and fully automatic cutting and sealing machines.


You reach for products on the grocer's shelf taking the convenience of plastic pack for granted . Milk and water in plastic pouches ensure a degree of you never had before. Oil doesn't spoil, nor can it be adulterated.Everyday products from rice, dal sugar and salt to detergents come freshly and hygienically packed, making life so much easier. When used in packing, plastics protect against germs, prevent dangerous cross contamination and bacterial spread and are critical for a variety of consumer and healthcare products,far from being the culprits, plastic are the great protectors-invaluable for a host of application in our daily lives. Today's technology makes plastics easily recyclable. Plastic to our life deserves a concerned and responsible attitude from everyone